Want to go on a trip like no other?

Want to explore a part of the world that is not overrun with tourists? Want to travel in a group without feeling like you are being herded around like livestock? Want to cruise through tropical forests and plains of baobab trees while discovering some of the most interesting culture, history, food, and music on the planet? We can help you.

We run small group scooter tours in West Africa that are designed with the independent traveler in mind.


Yes. We have modified 110 cc scooters for adventure travel. The bikes are incredibly easy to ride and operate. They are not particularly fast, and that’s the point. Our trips are not about covering the most ground in the shortest amount of time. In fact, our goal is the opposite.

The scooters give you the freedom to explore at your own pace. We have set itineraries, but in between points A and B, you decide what you want to see and do. Want to spend an afternoon drinking cold Gazelles on the beach? Go for it. Want to take a drumming and/or dance class? We will help you make it happen. Want to hire a boat and explore rivers and mangroves? No problem.

West Africa?

In terms of international tourism, West Africa is seriously neglected. Most people simply don’t know anything about the region beyond news stories — almost always negative — that they have seen on TV.

However, for those of us that have actually been to West Africa, we find ourselves trying to get back to the region as often as possible. Why are we so drawn to this part of the world?

It certainly has something to do with the astonishing level of hospitality and the ease at which you can have warm interactions with people you’ve never met. It also has something to do with the deserted beaches and the towering baobab trees, the vibrant markets and the thumping nightclubs. Oh, and it might have something to do with the incredible ethnic and cultural diversity, and the strong social fabric that is on display every day.

It’s true — there are not many tourists in West Africa, and tourism infrastructure is limited, but that just adds to the adventure. On our trips, you will cross a border aboard a dugout canoe, and you won’t have to share the experience with a hoard of fanny-pack-wearing holidaymakers.

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