Stories from the Road

Click on the posts below to read stories and to see images and video from our trips. If you have traveled with us already, please let us know if you would like to submit something to the blog by contacting us on the contact page.

Chez Hellena and the Island of Carabane

One of our favorite stops on our trips through the Casamance is Carabane, a small island that feels like it's straight out of the Caribbean. There are no cars on Carabane, no roads either. Just beaches and footpaths that weave through the palms. You need a boat to get on or off the island. There […] Read More

Is it a Scooter or a Motorcycle?

We have had a few queries from scooter aficionados around the world questioning why we are calling a bike a ‘Scooter’ when on first impressions it looks like a motorcycle. If you do any research you will soon learn that our bikes are a hybrid. So here we go: The wheels on our bikes are […] Read More

The Art of the Question

As an Australian, there is one cultural mistake that even after nearly 18 years on the African continent I still occasionally make. To give some context, if you are looking for information from a stranger in Australia people are accustomed to the questions being delivered in a concise manner. For example; if you want directions […] Read More

Carrying Money on your Scooter Adventure

West Africa has a modern, vibrant economy and major banks with ATM machines are in every major town. Far and away the best way to carry your cash is to keep it in your bank at home and carry your ATM card. You really need to have a VISA card though. We very rarely have […] Read More

Matt hitting the road for a solo recce

Matt has just left for a solo mission to the Casamance to scout a few more locations for our upcoming trips. You can follow along with him on the journey on our instagram page at Hope to see you there […] Read More

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